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It a great story; but how good is the music? The reaction to the UK premiere of Weinberg opera The Passenger was decidedly mixed. My impression from listening to the Radio 3 programmes is of a composer with huge inventive powers but not much self criticism. The early Quintet has a blazing energy very like the early chamber pieces of Shostakovich such as the Two Pieces for Octet, and there are many other striking and individual pieces, such as the haunting Children Songs.

Visitors walk or fly into this northernmost park, which is as much sanctuary as it is vacationland. It offers no established trails or visitor facilities; solitude is listed as one of its many assets. The Park Service describes it as a “gaunt beauty” and “a place of profound quiet.” Self sufficient outdoor enthusiasts who venture into this remote land 240 miles north of Fairbanks, are treated to Brooks Range peaks, six wild rivers and tundra (vast, flat and treeless land with permanently frozen subsoil)..

Leg swings. These loosen up your hips, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.2. Good mornings. And . When I questioned his behaviour the following day, he explained that his mates didn’t like it when he had a girlfriend so he pretended we weren’t together when they’re around. “During my last relationship, my girlfriend and I sat home every weekend on the couch,” he told me. “I lost all the respect of my mates.

With chaos within its consumer base and Pepsi working hard to take full advantage running ads (such as the one where a first time Pepsi drinker exclaimed “Now I know why Coke did it!”), Coca Cola executives were in a panic trying to figure out where they went wrong. By May they were discussing the reintroduction of the original formula and when the June sales figures came out and showed a leveling off of sales, there was real fear that profits would fall. Pepsi’s gains were, however, very small.

My hunch is that people will be charitable to the weaknesses, if they even hear them, because they have bought into the myth. By co incidence, another unknown Soviet composer has recently been dragged into the light. The Armenian pianist Diana Gabrielyan has just released a CD of music by four Russian and Soviet composers, one of whom is her compatriot Arno Babajanyan.

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