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And,but, Eva, I hear Serena may have a audience for the Reporte well, she definitely will have a royal audience. Ka Middleton, will be here and she’lle here with her new sist in law, T duchess of suss Meghan Markle who we both know is a longtime friend of sere and H been at wimbledon before watching she be here tomorrow Wang her friend. Serena was actually at their wedding in may.

This time, it’s almost dusk (this seems to be the problem really) and some friends had come to visit for New Year’s. They had been reading about a house nearby that was for sale and asked us if we could all pile in the car and go look at it. Of course why not?.

Awards are nice but anyone with agency level talent is going to win student awards/competitions if they enter. If you get into Comm Arts or you win a major competition, that’s worth talking about but otherwise don’t pull your hair out trying to enter and win them all. You’ll probably end up submitting to a couple just because you’ve got work that fits and that’s fine.

This movie is full of win. It’s got some incredible, well paced action sequences and superb acting by all characters, many of which have solid acting experience. It’s directed by James Cameron and as we all know, everything he touches, including his own excrement, turns to gold! It’s funny, sexy, tense and there are plenty of explosions and cliff hanger situations to satisfy the most discriminating of viewers.

I’m thinking “Maybe if I don’t feed them they will need less toilet paper”. Ok, so I know it is wrong to think that, but I’m about to lose my mind over something so simple. Back to the store again I go, only this time it’s the dollar store, they have cheap toilet paper.

So after a wonderfully rich meal, what do most of use guilt ridden fitness fanatics do? EXERCISE! Yes, exercise is good for you! The Samsung SMART TV comes riddled with tons of apps and one of the many is its fitness program. It offers a wide variety of fitness exercise video choices from yoga all the way to aerobic cardio. The downside of this was that although the TV does track your body movements, it doesn track on the fitness app.

The workout area was already laid out with yoga matts, fresh towels, blocks, bands and water bottles, the room was dimmed and filled with relaxing burning incense sticks. We started off with simple full body stretches and slowly progressed into balancing stretch moves through very swift moves. From a hamstring leg stretch to downward dog, walking into a plank, halfway tricep push up to hold and warrior pose.

Nike Free Run W
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